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What is CareerNext?
CareerNext is a career coaching and advisory firm that is run by me, Chris Kirkpatrick.  The idea of CareerNext began when I realized the need for realistic, affordable, personal representation in the executive search space.  Everybody wants to be more effective and efficient with their job search...they either don't know how, or don't feel like they can afford it.  Those are the two problems we have solved!
I have combined my background in the internet marketing and personal branding space with the executive search world to give a predictable system that will help you land the job you want - FASTER!  

I believe in strategic alliances and have partnered with some of the most amazing people in the industry to eliminate the variables for you, and to also create scale-ability to give you access to the best talent on a more affordable basis.   

No more being tired of recruiters not calling you back or not being able to afford the $15,000 retainer for the exact same information.  That's what we are all about.
Who is Chris Kirkpatrick
I am a family guy in my late 30's.  I live in Arizona with my amazing wife and three kids.
My journey into the executive search world was a unique one.  Once upon a time (about a decade ago), I was the the head of recruiting for a Fortune 1000 financial company.  While I loved a lot of the elements of what I did, the corporate world wasn't for me.

I left and started an internet marketing consulting agency, helping small to medium sized businesses build their brands, identify their avatars (target market), and create sales processes to increase conversion rates and revenue.

I never thought I had a creative bone in my body (I always thought of myself as much more analytical) until I began marketing and helping companies solve problems!
One of my internet marketing clients was a VERY successful executive search firm & career management company.  Within my first week there, I realized that the process of finding a job was the same as trying to build a small business.
I instantly fell in love with the industry and began studying everything I could about the industry.  Learning from the owner of the company I was working with, connecting with other leaders in the industry (resume writers, executive coaches, recruiters, etc...).

Upon a ton of research an hundreds of conversations, I realized there was a major gap in the industry.  There are recruiters - who represent companies, not you.  Then there are executive search firms who represent you - but they typically have astronomical retainer fees.  Let's face it, it's hard to justify that significant of an investment when you don't have any income...

CareerNext falls right in the sweet spot.  We represent you and your best interests.  However, we are using technology and tools that nobody else in the industry knows anything about.  We're marketers first, it's what we do.

We have combined our 5-step system that gives you predictable results, personal touch service (with the best award winning coaches in the industry), and the best technology to make it all come together.  That helps you to get the best result possible in the quickest time frame using today's technology.

If you are looking for a job, you are in sales.  You are a solo-preneur, looking to sell yourself to a company.  They need to buy you and you need to buy them.  It needs to be the perfect fit.  Only then will it be a truly rewarding and fulfilling opportunity.

Of course we would love to work with you personally, but even if you want to go at it on your own, we have a great YouTube channel and Podcast that will give you insightful help with your search.
My family is my primary motivation.  I have an awesome wife and three amazing little kids.  If you listen to my Podcast, you will hear me talk about them.

I am a HUGE BELIEVER in the phrase, "money follows value".  I made a commitment when I left the Fortune 1000 (mentioned above) that everything I did would be designed intentionally to be a better father and husband.

I have been blessed with an ability of communication and networking.  The thing I enjoy most is building relationships with PEOPLE and helping those PEOPLE solve problems.

During my time as VP of Marketing for the executive search firm I realized two things:
1.  People need affordable help with their career search (98% of the leads that came through could afford / wouldn't prioritize the investment).
2.  There are a lot of amazingly talented people in this industry (career services) that want to help YOU.  They are simply no good at marketing.

I practice what I preach.  CareerNext helps you solve problems.  The best way I can help you is by leveraging not just my expertise, but my relationships to connect you with the best resume writers, coaches, and information available to help you shorten the time frame until you find that ideal position.

My goal is to make a positive impact on the careers and lives of 1,000,000 people.  I know if we keep that as our focus, everything else will take care of itself.
Amy L. Adler
Amy is a TORI Award winning executive resume writer.  Not sure what that is?  It's basically a Golden Globe Award for resume writers.  

Since winning her awards, she has become a judge on the award winning panel.

Amy oversees all resumes that come through CareerNext.  She has a deep passion for this industry and we couldn't be more excited for our partnership with her. 

She is a Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW) and Certified Employment Interview Coach (CEIC), as conveyed through extensive study and validation by Career Directors International. I also have held the Certified Career Management Coach credential from The Academies.   
One of my favorite sayings is, "Just because the Ostrich buries his head in the sand, doesn't mean the lion's dinner plans have changed".  

The statistics for job search are HORRIBLE.  The USDOL says it takes about 1 month for every $10k of income to find a job.  I don't know how that translates when you get into the $200k+ range exactly, but I know an 18 month search is not uncommon.

It doesn't need to be that way.  Take action today.  Give us a call, listen to the Podcast, watch our YouTube videos.  Whatever you do, be proactive and be intentional about how you approach your job search - otherwise, 6 months from now, you will regret it.  I hear that story all too often...
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I Hope This Helps Your Search...
We work with high performers from every industry. We don't focus on industries, we focus on people. We help you target your desired companies and jobs and help you reverse engineer your plan to connect with the right people and land your ideal targeted position faster.
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