Does Your Personal Branding and Marketing Plan Include
an Award Winning Executive Resume? a Customized Marketing Plan? a Customized Company Targeting Plan? LinkedIn Course / Coaching? Weekly Coaching?

You Need More Than A Resume. You Need A System For Success.


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About Chris

I am an entrepreneur with a background in internet marketing and personal branding. There is nothing I love more in this world than helping people create and execute a plan to accomplish their goals.

You ability to find a job will be based on your ability to sell yourself as the best investment opportunity to your ideal targeted companies. I used my background in the marketing space along with my time as the VP of Marketing for one of the most successful executive search firms in the world to create a 5-step job search system that will give you a road map to job search success, get predictable results, and ultimately find what you are looking for FASTER!

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Our High Quality Services Include (But Are Not Limited To)

Our Tori-Award-Winning Resume Writer who is an active Judge for the Tori Awards will work with you one-on-one to craft your resume.
We will detail your career achievements!
We show you as the best investment opportunity.
We translate past performance into immediate results.
We show you as a fast return on investment. 
For executives earning $100k+, C-Suite, VP, Directors, Sales Executives, Consultants, Business Owners, GM’s, Lawyers, Doctors, etc.
Cover letters can make or break the decision to look at your branding documents in more detail.  
That’s why a strategically written “pattern interrupt” cover letter, using our 3 step process,  is recommended with every resume submission.
LinkedIn is so much more than your resume.  It is the #1 place you will be viewed during your job search.
By optimizing your LinkedIn profile, you are able to create brand awareness and get brand exposure to key decision makers, influencers, and recruiters.
Not having an optimized LinkedIn profile can be catastrophic to a successful job search at the executive level.
Sending a thank-you letter after an interview is a great opportunity for a secondary sales touch point.
Differentiate yourself from other interviewees by reinforcing your candidacy by summarizing the interview, and how you believe your skills, qualifications, past results, and experience can help to solve their problems.
Just like the proforma of any investment, your executive proforma is a networking document that helps you get your foot in the door by showing you as the best investment opportunity in the market – all on one page.
By using call-outs, graphs, and color to pull the eye of the decision maker to your most relevant results and successes, it greatly increases the odds of taking the conversation to the next level with your ideal targeted companies.
Knowing how to most effectively utilize LinkedIn can be one of the most effective and greatest tools in your job search or it can be a fantastic waste of time.
This online course will teach you how to maximize all of the available tools. It will guide you through the step by step process on how to optimize your profile, build out your brand, become a market leader, connect with key decision makers, identify companies, and target key organizations by giving you scripts and best practices for using LinkedIn to turn relationships into interviews.
It’s inevitable during your executive search that you will have challenges and situations that you will need assistance with.
You’ll have the ability to submit your questions via email or on our voicemail line and have your questions answered weekly on our live office calls.
You also get access to our private Facebook group.
The Career Vision Map is designed to help you become 100% clear on what you want, discover “your why”, and find out what is holding you back, what your value proposition is, and how to clearly articulate your Executive ROI.
Once you have clarity around the industries, companies, positions, and role you are interested in, only then can you begin developing your brand for your search.
The Personal Brand Development Worksheet is designed to help identify and communicate your value in your marketing documents in a way that helps show you as the best investment opportunity to your ideal target market.
This document is critical when it comes to elevating your perceived value and maximizing your brand. It helps you clearly identify quantifiable results, and capture the most valuable, relevant content needed to create your job winning resume on the back-end.

A typical job search takes one month for each $10,000 in desired income*. 

*According to the U.S. Department of Labor

What's Your Ideal Position?

We work with high performers from every industry.  We don’t focus on industries, we focus on people.  We help you target your desired companies and jobs and help you reverse engineer your plan to connect with the right people and land your ideal targeted position faster.

Targeting the right opportunity for you can be difficult without the right plan, system, and support.  Every one of our products and services is designed to help solve a common problem in the job search space to help you maximize your success in the fastest time possible.

The way the best companies hire top talent has changed a lot over the past 15-20 years.  The problem is, the job search industry has not kept up.  We integrate cutting edge technology with time-tested strategies to achieve the best results in the industry TODAY.  

How Do YOU Secure Your Ideal Position?!?!

Get very clear on what you want. It is astonishing that 85% of the most successful executives can not clearly articulate to me on the phone what role they want and why they want it.
If you are not able to be clear on that message, how do you ever expect to be able to sell yourself in the hidden market or to a recruiter?

Creating a great resume is a tricky thing.  Ask 100 resume writers their opinion and you’ll likely get nearly 100 different answers.  That’s why we encourage you to think of it as a marketing and branding package.  The resume is just part of that package and all of your marketing documents are just tools.  Have a great resume is a must, but the best resume in the world won’t do anything for you if you use it improperly.

It is essential that you don’t reach out to people before you are crystal clear on your brand.
We always hear, “If I could just get in front of the right companies and at the right level, I know I could sell myself. I just don’t know how to get in front of the right person.”
How can you expect to target a company or the people in those companies if you don’t know they exist? How can you expect to be effective with your search targeting if you are not really clear on who you are, what you do, the problems you solve, and why they would want to connect with you. That’s why step one and two are so vital.  

Only when you have completed step one through three should you actually begin networking.  As the old saying goes, “you only get one shot at a first impression.”  If you are not absolutely clear on why you are the best investment for any company and you can’t speak to ever situation, data point, and statistic on your resume with authority and authenticity, you should not be actively networking yet.

Furthermore, there is absolutely a effective and ineffective way to network (both to your warm network and cold networks).  Make sure you are being effective.  If you are not sure of your effectiveness, the chances are it’s not good.

If you haven’t interviewed for a position in a long time, there is a certain level of anxiety that comes with the territory. It’s just normal. We all have our own head trash about what’s the best way to answer certain questions, and how do I address potential negative perceptions so it doesn’t reflect poorly on me?
We have all had failures. This is where we learn – this is where we grow. The key to navigating these issues successfully is to put yourself in a position where you have more control over the interview.
How do you do that? You prepare properly!

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“Chris brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, and is easy to work with.”

“Chris' insights were incredibly helpful. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, and is easy to work with. An amazing combination. He challenged my thinking in several areas, without ever being challenging to work with. A great guy with great insights.”
“My career and my network are better because I have connected with him!”

“Cannot say enough positive things about Chris! Not only a consummate professional, Chris is also genuinely passionate about projects, ideas, and products he promotes. He looks for the opportunity to maximize every encounter and can deliver on exactly what he says he can do. My career and my network are better because I have connected with him!”
““Chris, is very abundant in his thinking””

“I have worked with Chris on a couple of projects over the last year and have been blown away by this man. Chris is a marketing expert especially when it comes to helping people share their message online. Chris, is very abundant in his thinking and has helped me become a better leader and communicator.”
“His advice is practical, direct, and based on his own extensive experience”

“Chris is an extremely knowledgable executive / career / business coach with a positive attitude that is contagious! His advice is practical, direct, and based on his own extensive experience. I discovered Chris in 2019 and found his insights to be very useful when I was evaluating different job opportunities at the time. More recently, I have also employed Chris's input on sales and marketing topics and have benefitted from those interactions as well. To top all of that off, Chris is a fun person to work with and I always look forward to my discussions with him. I highly recommend Chris and his company, CareerNext. ”